Rose Mystery Spotted by Xat user

xat rose

This image was submitted to us, via a official Xat link, by Xat user “Rgre1”.

Unsure what it is, we contacted Xat staff last night, and were cryptically told the following:

“…it’s an idea for a future power or an extension to an existing one…”

We don’t intend to dig any further than that, so any speculation is left to your own imagination.

Hint: at the moment it’s called “rose”

Special thanks goes out to Rgre1 for the tip 🙂

21 Responses

  1. joey says:

    lol a rose! hey! wait a minute! we could call that kind of power garden! it could be like six and dood like where the devil holds out and the paint brush that the dood holds out, so on the garden power the smilie could hold out different types of flowers!

  2. B. Reyes says:

    :@ What the freak? So anyways the rose mystery was passed ago. ;( The xat staff made hundreds of moderators as chataholics. 🙂 But in the forums of Pokewifi, the main owner Scott made some people owners. Let’s see what they do in the future…

  3. armando says:

    hola amime gustan muchos los powey estan chido

  4. robbi says:


  5. Xatworld says:

    No code that I know of, just the “official xat link” that was mentioned above:

  6. VanHalen5150 says:

    so Rgre has a certain code for this smilie?

  7. Beta says:

    Hmm i wonder what it will be. Be interesting to find out!

  8. RedCP says:

    Rgre1, RedCP = Chatter209. That is me! 🙂

    Xatworld, isn’t your blog powered by or why do we have WordPress smilies like 🙂 and 🙁 and 😡 and more! ❓

    my blog is powered by WordPress
    rgre1 u told me the power………………………….

    and i have a pic of it also:

  9. Xatworld says:

    Rgre1, who is RedCP? PM me in the forum… Now I’m curious 🙂


  10. Rgre1 says:

    Red 2 things you did not find it I found it myself and 2 is he isnt gonna give you his email so you add him to your site…

  11. RedCP says:


    do u mind if i make u (xatworld) an author of my blog?

  12. VanHalen5150 says:

    It looks home-made, Judging by the Green “Stem” But It’d be great to have!

  13. Xatworld says:

    Oh very cool! 🙂

  14. Rgre1 says:

    I tryed it with TTTH /tTesting#rose

  15. RedCP says:

    Um yeah I found it as well…

    i shoudlve told u guys sooner

    Right Rgre1??????! dont lie

  16. Rgre1 says:

    Thank You 😀

  17. Xatworld says:

    Rgre1, sorry about that. Corrected! I always get you confused with Colin. 🙂

    Thanks again for the tip!

  18. Rgre1 says:

    EXCUSE ME!?!?

  1. October 4, 2009

    […] hasn’t been confirmed by us directly, but power number 51 may have something to do with our Rose posting some weeks […]

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