‘Unreleased Power’ Scammer – Beware!

This is a new scamming technique for me so I wanted to share. Hopefully everyone can spread the word.

Tonight, while on Spanish help, I was PC’d or was asked to PC (I don’t remember). Anyway, being IN Spanish help. I greeted this person with a “Hola”. They quickly corrected me and said that they were “English” and I said “Well then, HI”. From the get-go, I had a hard time understanding what it is they were trying to say to me. Apparently, the user wanted to tip me off to, what he said was a new power (72). Sure enough, in his list of powers, he had a visible “72” (see screenshot below). He said that it was a GOLD pawn power. Soon after that he asked that I main owner him in AYUDA and in CAMBIO. His reason? He said that he needed to test out some security features and that 42 was aware of it. That to me was a red flag 🙂 I asked where he was from, he said the UK. I asked what his native language was, he said “English”. Reading through the screenshots below, it’s apparent that English wasn’t his native language. I had heard enough.

All screenshots were sent to Xat and, although they are still trying to find out how he had 72 in his power list (btw, it’s NOT Gold pawn), they’ve confirmed that he is a scammer (one that many of us have run into on both English and Spanish Xat).

So… just because someone HAS what looks like an unreleased power in their list, don’t necessarily believe it. They could use that bug to trick unsuspecting users out of passwords, powers, days or xats. Be careful and inform as many people as you can.

P.S. It also wouldn’t hurt to ban 237172239 SUPPRORTING forever from all of your chats.


xat scamming

xat scamming

xat scamming

10 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Banned from Freewebs :] Thanks!

  2. Keith says:

    Thanks, he’s banned forever at Forums, and all my other chats.

  3. ITZGRANVIP says:

    Ty Joombly the informacion is a Very good informatios , i see this user on ayuda an help but i don get information

  4. Xatworld says:

    Cool… Xat found the bug and they are working on fixing it!

  5. I saw this user on Help yesterday.

  6. Ziggy says:

    Banned from xatBlogs chat also, Thanks.

  7. Ignazio says:

    Banned from aiuti, thanks. =D

  8. anonymous says:

    hes been banned on help forever 🙂 thanks for that Joombly

  9. ACKirbachu says:

    Banned from help, thanks.

  10. Sasuke7020 says:


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