Xat Auctioning off ID 179,000,000

Xat has announced that they would be auctioning ID 179,000,000 (179M) to the highest bidder. Unlike last weeks auction, which required a bid in xats, this one requires that a user bid as a quantity of “fruit” power, that is think “how many fruit powers are you willing to bid”.

Remember, Xat’s recent change to 1,000,000+ ID’s mean that ID 179,000,000 will really be seen as 179M.

Interested in bidding? See details here.

As of this posting, the bids have started at 4 fruit, then 9, and currently 20. We’ll keep you posted of changes.

Good luck to all!

Update 1: Bid is now 66 fruits
Update 2
: Bid is now 101 fruits
Update 3: Bid is now 181 fruits

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