Xat: Weekly Update #1

Hey Everyone

Welcome to Xat: Weekly Update #1. Theses posts will cover what has been going on during the past week on xat.com

Limited Power Releases

As you are aware it was valentines day on the 14th February and xat released heart. valentine and gold powers. Xat released:

2000 HEART Powers (Price Will Drop)

1000 VALENTINE Powers (Price Will Drop)

5 GOLD Powers (50,000 Xats)

Gift Store Update

Xat added new valentine gifts to the store. (Cards cost 50xats and gifts cost 100xats) {Valentine gifts are still available in the gift store)

Kiss Update

Xat have added 2 new kisses to the store. Theses new kisses are:

Cupid: http://prntscr.com/68dv6

Carnival: http://prntscr.com/68dvx

Power Updete

Name = Carnvial

Status = Released

Group/User = User

Limited/Unlimited = Limited

Price = 250xats


My name is Sam. I am also known as SJBB and THEBB. I am a long time xat user and a editor for xatworld blog. Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/samuelbb94 I am addicted to Xat and often know all the latest information. I am now an editor for the Xatworld blog. I also DJ on a radio station on Xat. If you would like to visit my personal blog then please visit: http://xatblogs.com/members/sjbb/ My goals while on Xat: I hope one day to become a volunteer on Xat support.

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