Xat: Weekly Update #4

Hey everyone and welcome to Xat: Weekly Update #4!

I hope everyone is having a brilliant weekend as I sure have been busy this weekend. I was luck enough to go to Thorpe Park on Saturday and Lego Land Windsor Resort today. The parks have not even opened yet to the public but I was able to go for family and friends day of staff that worked there. While at Thorpe Park I went on the new ride called THE SWARM. While at Lego Land Windsor Resort today I went with my niece and nephew who had the time of their life but anyway enough about me here is the latest about xat.com

Covering: Login Issues and Power Store Update

Login Issues

This week while users were logging into their accounts some people started losing powers. Xat went into maintenance and soon fixed this problem. After the issue was fixed  users were told to login to get their lost powers back. Users reported that they didn’t gain their powers back when they logged in and xat staff did a roll back which means any lost powers or xats would of all be returned. Roll back also affect any users that brought xats or did a trade or transfer. Xat made a tweet saying: The data centre is being upgraded. There may be connection problems

Power Store Update

Name = Monster

Status = Released

Group/User = User

Limited/Unlimited = Unlimited

Price = 200 Xats

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