Xat: Weekly Update #6&7

Hey Everyone

I first want to start of by saying sorry for there not being a Weekly Update post last week but I have been so busy theses days. I hope everyone is looking forward to the Easter holidays and eating lots of chocolate. 🙂

Lets get started with weekly update #6 (Last Week)

Covering: Power Store Update

Power Store Update

Name = Typing

Status = Released

Group/User = User

Limited/Unlimited = Unlimited

Price = 100xats

I made the exact suggestion before but it just had a different name: “Replying”.. If you would like proof then please see the last edit on the link below. 🙂



Weekly Update #7

Covering: Epic Power Releases, New Pawns (Limited) Power Store Update and Other Information

Epic Power Releases

50 Gold Powers were Released

Power Store Update


Status = Released

Group/User = User

Limited/Unlimited = Limited

Price = Price Will Drop

New Pawns (Limited Time Only)

Sheep Pawn (hat#zf)

Meat Pawn (hat#hc)

Herder Pawn (hat#hw)

Note: Pawns may be removed when the next power is released!

Other Information

As we are entering the Easter holidays we may see some Easter powers being released or a new Easter theme smiley power. (Like KCHICK)

We may see some new Easter themed gifts being added to the Gift Store.

We may see some a new Easter themed kiss being added to the Kiss Store.

Note: Theses are just suggestions of what might be coming up in the near future. It is not certain but just a small warning if you would like to stock up on xats.

If you have any comments about this post then please leave below.


Sam (SJBB)

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