Xatblogs.com 1st Place Winners Power Gets Made

Hey Everyone! Do you remember the banned game idea contest from Xatblogs.com? The first place game suggestion has been made into an actual power.

We would just like to say congratulations to TheAbnormal – 234150271 on getting their power suggestion made.


My name is Sam. I am also known as SJBB and THEBB. I am a long time xat user and a editor for xatworld blog. Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/samuelbb94 I am addicted to Xat and often know all the latest information. I am now an editor for the Xatworld blog. I also DJ on a radio station on Xat. If you would like to visit my personal blog then please visit: http://xatblogs.com/members/sjbb/ My goals while on Xat: I hope one day to become a volunteer on Xat support.

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