Xats for Glitches – “Help us test”

Users that follow our Xat blog will recall our post on Xat’s planned smiley  overhaul; brought on in effect by Xat migrating to Action Script 3. Last weeks unscheduled testing of new smilies removed the shroud on just a few of Xat’s newest AS3 features. Of course, with any new platform, glitches, bugs, and various surprises are bound to exist.

Enter Xat.com with an interesting proposal. Users that are willing to help document and point out suspected glitches, will be rewarded for their efforts in cold hard xats. You heard right! Depending on the severity and or complexity of each find, users can expect to receive anywhere between 50 and 500 xats. Just be sure and check the Xat “Help us test” Wiki for more specific details and information.

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