42 new FREE yellow Smilies for xat’s 10th Anniversary!

Hey everyone! 😀

This just in, to celebrate xat’s 10th anniversary 42 new free smilies have been added!


Here’s the full list:

(applause) (donttalk) (joyful) (smug) (victory) (blowkiss)
(dull) (medmask) (sob) (wacky) (ecstatic) (ok)
(sweat) (wailing) (content) (farewell) (pensive) (tearhair)
(weary) (daydream) (flustered) (tmi) (whatever) (furious)
(sarcastic) (toj) (whistling) (depressed) (here) (screaming)
(ttm) (zany) (desire) (hih) (sidetear) (unamused)
(dollar) (idc) (slap) (confounded) (unreal) (deal)

Comment below and tell us:

Do you like the new Smilies?

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2 Responses

  1. (sherlock) says:

    I may be late, but I am in love with them.

  2. burana says:

    Yes’ i like new smilies. it’s so cute.

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