AllHallows Power

Hey guys.
The power ID 362 has been announced as ALLHALLWOWS power. This is a limited smiley power made for halloween.
It was released on xat’s store for 400 xats.

(allhallows) (armfx) (candyfx) (capefx) (eatfx)
(maskfx) (oddcauldron) (oddeye) (oddmakeup) (oddskull)

Limited pawns for this power:

Pawn Name Power Required Code
Armfx Allhallows (hat#ha)
Capefx Allhallows (hat#hc)
Cauldron Allhallows (hat#hl)
Monster Allhallows (hat#hm)
Oddeye Allhallows (hat#ho)

These limited pawns will most likely expire after 1 week from this post date.


Comment below and tell us:

What do you think of the Allhallows power?

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