April Fools! xat’s new Fools power

Hey everyone! 🙂

This just in, the Xat power ID 382 has been announced as FOOLS power. A set of new smileys and new pawns.


Here’s the current smileys from our Xatworld homepage:

(poop) (poopback) (fobox) (focigar) (focrazy)
(foeyes) (fohat) (fopeel) (foshock) (trash)

In addition to the smileys, this power also brings us some Xat pawns. They are:

Pawn Name Power required Code
Flip Fools (hat#hf)
Poop Fools (hat#hp)
Trash Fools (hat#ht)

A new HUG has been added:



You can only send ten hugs in main chat each day (24 hours). The limit doesn’t apply to the hugs sent in private chat.

Note: If you use it in main chat, it’ll charge you 10 xats for each hug sent. Hugs sent in private chat are free.

Power Info: FYI FOOLS power was released as Poop power for April Fools’ Day 2016. This power is LIMITED and costs 300 Xats.

Comment below and tell us:

Which is your favorite Fools pawn?

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