Backgorund Information On GSOUND!

Hey Everyone

I am so happy to find out that GSOUND one of many powers I suggested is actually getting made. I would just like to let you know what made me think of this power suggestion and why I think it would be a good power.

When I first joined Xat I always heard the BONG defualt sound that you hear when someone types a new message. I started getting annoyed with the sound and since 2009 always had the chat voulme on mute.

In 2011 I was making a list of different power ideas when I first thought of GSOUND and how it could be really useful for some chats. I thought, instead of having the BONG sound all the time why not have a little click sound (same kind of thing you get when you click on your computer mouse).

I worked closey with Joombly, the creator of Xatworld, to see what people thought of the power idea; you might remember seeing the poll on homepage or remember seeing this tweet: The original link was: but was removed later due to Xat updating there servers.

After that the suggestion got emailed into Xat staff and they thought it was a good idea but I didn’t hear anything back. After a few months the suggestion got sent back in again and about a week later the power was created!

Thanks everyone for your support and remember, to make Xat better for everyone you need to suggest things that you would like to be seen added to



Sam (SJBB)


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