Beautifly power

Hello guys.
xat made another smiley power for this week. It’s Beautifly, it’ll be limited and costs 232 xats on the store.
Beautifly power

(beautifly) (beacatch) (beacry) (beadizzy) (beaeek)
(beahand) (beainlove) (beajoy) (beakiss) (beamad)

Limited pawns for this power:

Pawn Name Power Required Code
Bea1 Beautifly (hat#hb)
Bea2 Beautifly (hat#hf)
Bea3 Beautifly (hat#hB)
Bea4 Beautifly (hat#hn)

These limited pawns will most likely expire after 1 week from this post date.

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