Christmas is here… xat’s new ORNAMENTS power!

This just in,

xat just made another new christmas-themed power for us, it’s called Ornaments. 😀



(ornaments) (bells) (hollyberry) (xmasginger) (xmascandle)
(xmasglobe) (xmaslove) (xmasneon) (bulbs) (xmassock)

Other informations

The power name is Ornaments, ID 368. The power is LIMITED and costs 250 xats.

Limited pawns for this power:

Pawn Name Power Required Code
Bulbs Ornaments (hat#hl)
Xmasbulb Ornaments (hat#hX)
Xmascandle Ornaments (hat#hM)
Xmasginger Ornaments (hat#hG)

These limited pawns will most likely expire after 1 week from this post date.

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