Coochie Coochie Coo! A look at Xat’s TICKLE power

Sometime last night, Xat passed along another one of their cryptic messages. This one had to do with Tickle; Xat power (81). It read as follows:

“…When someone clicks on you, you will be notified in a new user list…”

Puzzled, we headed straight for the Xatworld xat_test chat and with HEAN’S help  (thank you Hean!), and a few users in Xat’s own xat_test chat, we were able to gather the following information.

What Tickle does:

The new Tickle power activates a new user list (denoted by a white triangle) to the right of the traditional VISITORS and FRIENDS tabs. When another user, regardless of where they are on Xat, clicks on your nick, that triangle changes to green; alerting you to the fact that “someone” has clicked your nick. Want to know who would dare do such a thing? Easy, just click the green triangle and you will gain access to a new user list showing exactly who and/or how many people have clicked on your nick. That’s it!


xat tickle power

xat tickle power

xat tickle power

No news on pricing, availability, or when it might be released.

Update 1: Thanks ACK, Ziggy… typo corrected!
Update 2
: Tickle eventually to be free for those that have activated ACCOUNT LOCKING

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17 Responses

  1. Yiğit says:

    very good power. Thanks nice explanation

  2. Terrorsita says:

    Hi I don’t lock my account as I use various computers depending on where I am at, whether home or school or family or friends. The “tickle” power is a great way to avoid phising but now I feel like a target 🙁

    Sooo I’m just wondering if at all tickle would be available, not sure how many people are in my boat but is there any possiblity that this “tickle” power will be an item to buy at the store. I mean when someone tickles me and see I don’t have tickle it could be away to all people to try to hack.

    I’m protective of my account but still knock on wood nothing happens as I would cry …

    Great idea though!!


  3. remorsed says:

    how do i get to test powers?

  4. Bradez1571 says:

    I have it :S

  5. blackstorm23 says:

    good, thank you all guys

  6. Loca Boricua says:

    So what about the people who originally registered in a different computer and no longer have access to that pc?? I cannot get tickle for the life of me and i did everything i could to get it.

    • Xatworld says:

      Hmmm… I think that would be a valid ticket to send to support.

      From the Wiki:

      “If you move house or change Internet providers you must turn off locking before you login on the new internet/service provider. “


      Btw, don’t get Xat registration confused with ACCOUNT LOCKING. IT doesn’t matter where or when you registered for Xat. The only thing that matters is WHEN and FROM WHERE you activate account locking.

  7. Ygor says:


  8. TrueRedDevil says:

    This will ruin all my backgrounds.

    Nice power anyway.

  9. Sergioc24 says:

    So its going to say who clicked your username?

  10. Xatworld says:

    Thank you guys! Typo corrected 🙂

  11. BTV says:

    That is awesome! You guys should translate your post to Portuguese as well. Where most of your customers are from Brazil! If you want I am available 🙂

    [email protected]

  12. Hmm Great Is Very Nice Power Price = ???

  13. ACKirbachu says:

    Tickle is (81) not (82)

  14. Ziggy says:

    Great post Joombly, but I think you meant power 81.

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