DOOD Spotted on Xat – Exclusive!

xat dood power

DOOD… Is it a power, a new feature, or a revamped version of some 90’s surf slang? We don’t know, yet! We now know!

Let us set this up for you. There you are late at night, well into your 7th hour, working away on the Mona Lisa of Xat doodles. You’re exhausted but you’re still not quite finished. What do you do? You either leave your PC and doodle application running, risk some unforeseen browser crash all the while contributing to global warming, or you call it quits, concede to the fact that your doodle will never be what it could have been and export to Photobucket using this button:

xat to photobucket

Forget that and say hello to “Dood”!

Dood, is a new Xat power (scratch 44 off your list, this is it!) that allows a user to import their saved doodle art right back into the Xat doodle application. You can work on a doodle, save it, get some sleep, then import it back into Xat and continue editing right were you left off. Woohoo!

This new doodle power isn’t just limited to Xat created doodles. Users are also able  to import images, photographs, etc… We tested it out on jpg, png, and gif formats with no problems whatsoever.

doodle cat

To use:
1. Purchase the DOOD power
2. Go into any chat and open the doodle application
3. Paste your image link (Photobucket image URL) right into the chat
4. Click this button to import into doodle:

photobucket to xat

Known limitations (these may change in the future):
– 1024 x 1024 is currently the maximum allowed image size
– not all sites work 100% of the time. Although not a requirement by any means, importing an image that has been uploaded to Photobucket (i.e. one that has been stored in a Photobucket account) seems to be the most trouble free way to go.

Like all powers, “Dood”  also has a power smile. As a bonus, by simply appending “dood” to any yellow smile you’re able to create brush smiles:

xat dood

(smile#dood#b#rockon#left#thumbsup#right), (d#dood), (yawn#dood)

Of course with the right power you can also add things like hands, costumes, hair, etc… Very cool!

Have fun with this one!

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3 Responses

  1. Mr.DeZigner says:

    Not a bad power, finally a good power that is useful and not like the others that are not.

  2. moonman1001 says:

    dood, great idea. iv always wanted to put a picture onto doodle. way to go xat staff!

  3. Mike Gervais says:

    This is the coolest one yet, awsome thinking xat staff

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