DX Released to Testers + Rumors!

xat dx

Just before the new year we posted what we thought DX might be. This morning a xatBlogs user pointed out that 42 had given the new DX power to two testers. After some observation and scrutiny on our part, we’re leaning even more now in the direction of a xat to days converter.

Here are a few more things we picked up on this morning:

1. Once the DX power is used, you lose it. This could be thought of as an ATM processing fee.

2. If you have two DX’s and you “use the process” once, you will lose DX. If you do it again, you’ll lose the other. Again, if you look at DX as a processing fee, it “fits”.

3. Asked “Are you going to sell DX” a tester replied no, because “I am spending the power”. Spending it on what? On converting xats to days maybe?

So… Any guesses?

Update: give Xatland’s DX blog post a read for more details. Xatland, headed by Brian (a Xat.com tester and longtime volunteer) has more details that probably anyone right now.

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  1. Gigabyte says:

    me too

  2. Diana says:

    i wanna be a tester :-s

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