Glob Power

Hey everyone! The power ID 357 is now known as Glob. This power bring us a new set of smilies and pawns.

This power will be LIMITED and was released for 300 xats on the xat store.

xat glob power

Here’s the current smileys from our Xatworld homepage:

(glob) (glbye) (glcry) (gld) (gldepressed)
(glhappy) (glheart) (gljoy) (glrage) (glredface)
(glsad) (glsmile) (gltongue) (glwink) (glyeayea)

In addition to the smileys, this power also brings us some Xat pawns. They are:

Pawn Name Power required Code
Glob1 Glob (hat#hg)
Glob2 Glob (hat#hl)
Glob3 Glob (hat#ho)

These limited pawns will most likely expire after 1 week from this post date.

Stay tuned!

Comment below and tell us:

What do you think of the GLOB power?

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