A guide to completing Xat’s NERD power Quiz

First off, this “guide” is merely an explanation of what you have to do (complete the quiz) to buy Xat’s NERD power and why it’s being required. I don’t have any intention on giving out any answers. Even if I wanted to I really couldn’t as each quiz is randomized and no two are alike. Hopefully this at least helps out the few of you who may not read or understand English and are unable to Google translate Xat’s flash quiz.

Xat clearly is trying to do some good here. Too many people, perhaps new to the internet and unaccustomed to these sorts of things, are getting their Xat and email accounts “phished“. The quiz is just a simple way to bring attention to that problem and teach each of us just one way that scammers are stealing our accounts.

The following screenshots are from my own successfully completed Xat NERD quiz. In each image we are being asked to answer either YES or NO to the question, “is this a phishing page”. While taking your own quiz have a look at each image and determine on your own whether you think the example is a real Xat login page or a fake one. If you are correct, you will move on to the next frame until you get to frame (5/5) – quiz complete.

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