How to use Xat LINK

After fiddling around with Xat’s new LINK power, I’ve figured out a few things…

Here’s how to use it:

1. First activate the link power in your own chat. Type (LINK), hit enter, click on the link power smiley, click “activate”.

2. Go to your chat admin and activate the LINK power by selecting the corresponding checkbox.

3. In the box to the right of the link power you’ll want to type your KEYWORD (I’ve chosen “colors” as an example”, a comma, and your ** shortened URL code.

** is a well-known URL shortening website. You’ll need to convert all your LINK URL’s using that website and you will only need last part of that shortened url (see images below).

Here’s are some screenshots that better illustrate how everything works:

This is the url shortener:
how to use xat link power

This is the chat admin. You’ll see that I’ve activated LINK by clicking it’s checkbox, I’ve entered my keyword “colors”, I’ve added a comma, and I’ve added my shortened URL code:
how to use xat link power

After clicking “update these options”, enter your chat and type your keyword. Below is the end result. My keyword “colors” has become an underlined link that redirects to, which in turn links to my Xatworld color codes page

how to use xat link power

That’s it… 🙂

Update: after a little trial and error, we’ve found out the following…
1. you can’t use any uppercase letters
2. you can’t use spaces (i.e. “COLOR CODES” wouldn’t work)
3. there’s a 100 500 character limit (*sigh*) so choose your links wisely

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  1. Monkeybugs says:

    There’s no power smiley? It just shows (LINK) as text. I have tried all versions of LINK as well … it just shows up as regular run-of-the-mill text.

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