Latest Xat Gold Power News

Welcome to my first post for the Xatworld’s blog. I am going to be telling you all about the latest news on Xats new epic power (GOLD). Just like purple, (GOLD) changes the colour of your pawn to gold and has a sparkle effect. If you have gold power you will appear higher on the users list.

Gold costs 50,000 xats which is around $175. Gold power is being sold at a rate of 25-50 at a time. If you are not able to buy this power during its release don’t worry, it will be unlimited at a later date.

Gold also comes with these Xat smilies: (gold) (goldb) (bar) (bars). Note: (goldb) can be used with Gback and (bars) is a hand for smilies.

If you dont have the xats to buy gold dont worry. Since gold came out, purple’s trade price has dropped by 5k. Instead of paying Xat’s store price of 25k you can save yourself 5k. Just don’t forget this is trades price which can go lower and higher at any time. It’s good to get this purple for a really low price just in case it does go back up.

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