Xat’s New LOVEHUG power

Hey everyone! 🙂

This just in, the power ID 375 is Xat’s new LOVEHUG power. It’s another hug power. This power will allow you to send new hugs in main and private chats.



Lovehug power is not on the graphic interface so you have to use the following command:

  • /hug love Here’s a hug to my xat World readers!

If you use it in main chat (no password required), it’ll charge you 10 xats for each hug sent. Hugs sent in private chat are free.

  • /hugall love Here’s a hug to my xat World readers!

There are three hugs included: love, bird and bow – thanks to Mundoxat blog for the images.

— Love: /hug love MESSAGE


— Bird: /hug bird MESSAGE


— Bow: /hug bow MESSAGE



You can only send ten hugs in main chat each day (24 hours). The limit doesn’t apply to the hugs sent in private chat.

Other informations

LOVEHUG power is UNLIMITED and costs 500 xats


(lovehug) (lovearrow) (lovebird) (lovegift) (lovestar)

Limited pawns for this power:

Pawn Name Power Required Code
Lovegift Lovehug (hat#hg)
Loveletter Lovehug (hat#hh)
Lovestar Lovehug (hat#hs)

These limited pawns will most likely expire after 1 week from this post date.

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