Xat’s DX Power – What is it?

Everyone wants to know the same thing, “What does DX do?”. DX, the latest power annouced some days ago on the Xat twitter feed, is Xat’s latest power.

All we know is that it has already been created and that it will be released shortly after the Stick power. What we don’t know is what exactly it does. We do however have a few guesses.

Xat power names typically fall into one of two categories:

– power names that flat out tell you what the power is or does:
purple, pink, red, halloween

– power names that are abbreviated
ttth (talk to the hand), hairf (hair female), mod8 (mod for up to eight hours), nopc (no private chat)

Looking at DX, we can rule out version one simply beacause DX isn’t a “word”. That leaves us with the second option; an abbreviation of some sort.

The very first thing that comes to mind is the medical form of Dx, meaning “diagnosis”. Of course having that make any sense in the context of Xat, especially as a paid power, makes it a tough sell, so we’ll discard it completely for now.

Direct (e)xchange was another possibility. Could DX have something to do with the exchanging of xats, days and powers? Pulling the two letters apart we have “d” and “x”. Maybe DX has something to do with “days” and “xats”. Some have suggested that DX may be a xat to days converter of sorts. Maybe DX is an ATM machine that would let users cash in xats for days or days for xats. Anyway, we’re leaning in that direction.

Here are a few other DX abbreviations and their meanings, in case anyone wants to draw their own conclusions.

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5 Responses

  1. Da Infamous Rapid Fire...... iChats (65519426) says:

    So far I know its a spendable power, when you use it you lose the power, so it might be a power that when used, gives you a randomly selected power. Its like a gift with a power in it (Hmm)

  2. iSpongebob says:

    I think that The DX power if it was a ATM for a converter for xats to turn in to days or Vice Versa that would rock the world (:

  3. Joey says:

    a smilie? well, if thats it then it sholdent be a power if it only does that, but if it does, the maybe its a little similar 2 XD smilie ( (XD) ) but who knows what this power could do?

  4. Booom13 says:

    DX is often a smilie used on the internet, maybe the power has to do with changing the face of smilies?

  1. January 6, 2010

    […] before the new year we posted what we thought DX might be. This morning a xatBlogs user pointed out that 42 had given the new DX power to two testers. After […]

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