New HATS: XAT St. Patrick’s Day

XAT has released a new option for the HAT power for use during the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th).

Those of you who have bought, or want to buy the (HAT) power, will be able to stand out from everyone else with a St. Paddy’s Day beer or hat.

XAT St. Patrick's Day

XAT St. Patrick

Use: If you already have (HAT), the new XAT codes are “e” and “b”.

Beer: (hat#b)
Hat: (hat#e)

Want a different color? Get your own XAT color codes here.

Examples with color green:
Beer: (hat#b#01DF01)
Hat: (hat#e#01DF01)

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    arruma day a mim plss

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