New Xat Hands Power – Preview

Xats soon to be released Hands power allows a user to give “hands” to virtually any of the Xat smilies. Hands works in conjunction with the new hand smilies we mentioned earlier ( loser, rockon, palms, thumbsup, thumbsdown), hexadecimal color codes, and some previous powers (invert comes to mind). 

What makes this power particularly interesting, is that it allows you, the user, an almost limitless number of smilie variations; something that’s sure to be a hit for those looking for uniqueness an originality on Xat.

How to use:

(d#loser) – creates a d smilie with loser hand
(smile#thumbsup#000000) – black hands using hexadecimal color codes

You can find the specifics of this newest power on the Xat hands wiki.

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