New XAT Power: “clear”

XAT released a new power today; it’s called “clear”.

The “clear” power allows a user to give a clear background to any “yellow” smilie or smile, but can be only used with () smilies. This power can be used anywhere a smilie can be used; in your XAT nick, as a XAT avatar, or in a message.

xat clear power

xat clear power

Usage: Add #c to the smilie code
Example: (smile#c).
Cost: Unknown (as of this post the cost, quantity, and check columns remain blank on the XAT powers page.

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  1. September 2, 2009

    […] you missed out on buying the Xat clear power, now is your chance. Like the Radio power, the price of this power will also slowly drop (currently […]

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