New Xat Power: Invisible Owner!

xat invisible owner power

Xat is preparing to release a new power  (we blogged about it last week) called Invisible. This power allows an owner to watch over his chat without anyone seeing him. Unlike the “$’ stealth  technique, which only changes your pawn from orange to green, the invisible owner power completely hides you from view. No one, except a Main owner, will be able to see you until you interact with the chatbox, or with another user.

Visually, invisibility is marked by a semi-transparent pawn, which only you, the power holder will see (see below).

xat invisible power

If you type anything, whether it be in the main chat or in private, you forfeit your invisibility, your pawn turns solid, and everyone gets to see you (see above).

Note: Although invisiblity works for individual chatboxes, you are still seen as online in user friend lists.

Cost: Unknown

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