New Xat Purple Power – A Total Mystery!

xat purple power

We’ve have very sketchy details regarding the new Xat, yet to be released, Purple power. All we know right now comes directly from the following chat we had with official Xat staff.

us: “Is it too early to find out about Purple?”
xat staff: “All I can say is it’s not a regular power. It’s an epic power.”
us:  “Ahh ok”
xat staff: “It will be expensive and rare.”
us: “Epic… Hmmm okay.”

Let the speculation begin, now…

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2 Responses

  1. joey says:

    25000 xats….. right….. shouldent this thing be like 1000 xats? why 25000 xats? its just making ur pawn purple like the pink always does :s get real

  2. Sean Magoo :P says:

    lol, 25000 xats purchase for “master traders” Somhow i don’t think so!! 😐 LOL

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