Hey guys!
This week’s power is RANKLOCK. This is a function power and is going to be an unlimited power. Ranklock was released on xat’s marketplace for 200 xats.



With Ranklock power, staff may “lock” specific users into certain ranks in order to prevent them from being promoted or demoted (for example, you may force a user to remain guest, thus preventing them from being promoted.

/r ID guest/member/mod/owner/off
e.g/r 648054 mod
For example, if you type “/r 648054 mod” it would force me into the moderator position until the lock is removed.



Limited pawn

Pawn Name Power Required Code
Ranklock Ranklock (hat#hk)

This limited pawn will most likely expire after 1 week from this post date.


  • Ranklock cannot be used to prevent an user from being banned.
  • Ranklock cannot be used to ranklock someone to being banned.
  • You must be an owner or higher by default, the rank that can use ranklock can be modified on gcontrol.
  • You can also edit/manage ranklocks through manage.
  • If an ranklocked user use guestself, they will be ranklocked as guest until the lock is removed.

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