Xat’s new BARGE power

Xat has just announced testing of BARGE, it’s next power. With it chat owners and moderators will have instant access to a chats overflow “pools”.

Note: pools are created in an effort to minimize chat lag. When a chat box reaches it’s 61st user, that user thrown into a sort of sub chat called a “pool”. Every 60 users creates a new pool. This is commonly seen in heavily trafficked chats like Trade and Cambio.

xat pools

One common problem is that once a pool has reached 60 users it’s considered full and there is no way to enter. You would typically be forced to wait until someone left the pool before being able to enter (problematic if you are moderating a chat and can’t get back into the main chat for example). Xat’s BARGE power allows owners and moderators to bypass this waiting period, giving them instant access to any pool they want.

Official smiley should show up here when it’s released:

Update1: @Vir3n pointed out that Xat BARGE is listed under GCONTROL (see image below):
Update2: @Spell pointed out that Gcontrol only allows you to set who can barge in. Barging in will still require the barge power regardless of the gcontrol setting.

xat barge

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2 Responses

    • Xatworld says:

      “Also, I think moderators/owners/main owners, should be able to go into any pool, even if it’s full, because we moderators find it hard to get into the tabs that need moderating”

      Nice Spell… 🙂

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