Xat BLASTPRO – new animations

Last night, while we were needlessly sleeping, Xat released some new blastpro animations. There are now three such animations; the robotic-pawn-painter, a new dip-pawn-into-a-paint-bucket, and a superman’esque-pawn-enters-phonebooth.

Activating is a bit tricky so try these steps:

1. Purchase four Blastpro. You’ll need to activate at least four to access the new animations.
2. Assign four Blastpro to your one chat
3. By default, the robotic-pawn-painter animation will always be displayed. To see the other two, type the following codes into the chat:

$blastpro=2 to activate the dip-pawn-into-a-paint-bucket animation
$blastpro=3 to activate the superman’esque-pawn-enters-phonebooth animation

$blastpro=1 to get back to robotic-pawn-painter

Note: All animations can be disabled by simply typing $blastpro=off into your chat.

Animation examples:

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