Xat: Easter 2012

Hey Everyone

We are just a few days away from Easter and I am just going to list a few fun things you can do on the chat with your friends.


If you have the powers Easter or KChick then why not add some cool smilies to your name or avatar. If you have more powers then why not really make them stand out by adding some extra affects.

Here is one that I did:   (chick#cycle#chick#matchban#magicfx) {The chick does loose its eyes but its really colourful and will certainly get you noticed in the chat (wink)}

If you are finding it hard to make a good smile then please use the power search generator. http://www.xatworld.com/powersearch/

Tip: Use the smile as your avatar for a bigger preview.

Gline: Get your chat visitors into the Easter spirit by using Easter smilies on your chat.

Here is what I picked for my Gline: pty,rolling,jolly,spin2,rofl,omg,eyes,look,smirk2,sinister,tipsy,goo


You should pick an nameglow or namecolour that goes well with the smilies in your name.


See who can draw the best Easter Egg on the Doodle Application.


Send Easter themed gifts to your friends. When sending an Easter gift don’t forget to include a special message and not to just send a blank gift. 🙂


Have an Easter Themed background for your chat.

Anyway thats just a few ideas of what you can do this easter and you never know xat could have something speical coming up. (New kisses, Easter powers being released).

Other Information

I have been talking with joombly about the weekly update series that I have been doing and he liked it the old way where I posted the news as it happens instead of having the weekly update as its kind of old news.

I replied saying that the reason why I started it was just incase someone missed a tweet that they could always come to the blog and see the recent updates on xat.com.

I believe that all up to date news should be done by twitter feeds unless its a big release just like how xat support changed or a new feature was released.

I would really like your feedback on the weekly update series. If you would like to leave a comment to this post or you can talk to me at xat.com/xatworld.


(Sam) SJBB


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