Xat Gline – What is it?

What is Xat’s new Gline power? Well.. although we aren’t sure we know that most of you, like us, can appreciate good old fashion speculation.

We’ve decided to turn our attention to our good old friend URBAN DICTIONARY and have come up with the following:

xat gline

A quick read over options 1, 2 and 3 leaves us feeling pretty confident with only one option (hint: clearly it isn’t option three). We feel that Gline MAY have something to do with banning a troublesome user across more than one chat. Have you ever had to deal with someone so bad, obnoxious or otherwise that you’ve had to ban them from each of your chats, one-by-one? We have and it’s not fun! Could Gline possibly make it easier to do just that? :S Again, we aren’t sure.

We’ll just wait and see what Xat has in store for us 🙂

Off topic: Has everyone had a chance to either view or vote for Google’s World Cup Flag power?

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