You’ve been G-lined!

It seems that our original guess on what Xat’s new Gline power may be a definite possibility. The image below was posted to the forum and presumably it came from the Help chat.

xat gline

Although it looks like an obvious fake, it did get our wheels turning and once again we turned to to see what we could find. I’ll paraphrase from a Wiki article on G-line:

“…A G-line or global kill is a global network ban applied to a user.

Whenever a G-lined person attempts to connect to the network, either the services or the daemon will automatically disconnect the client, often displaying a message explaining the “reasoning” behind the ban.

G-lines are normally applied to a user who continues to abuse the network by connecting to a different server. G-lines are often regarded as an extreme measure, only to be used in cases of repeated abuse when extensive attempts have been made to reason with the offending user. Therefore, especially on larger networks, often only very high ranking global operators are permitted to set them.

G-lines are typically set as *@IP or *@host, with the first being the better option. G-lines do still wait for an ident response from the connecting user but immediately close the socket once the user’s IP is compared to the G-line list and a match is found…”

It might be a bit too techy but in short, Gline is looking like it may be a banning feature of some sorts. Maybe a more extreme extension of Stricter banning or, if one reads between the lines and looks at it in more general terms, maybe a way to have more precise banning control over your own chat. We still don’t know for sure 🙂

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4 Responses

  1. iPandoze says:

    Hey! I just re-made the G-line picture:
    Much better!

  2. john says:

    woa does look fake and i never got it before

  3. Kyle says:

    Yes, This indeed come from xat Help!

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