JUMBLEJINX power – Functions!

Hey everyone! 😀

This just in, the new Xat power ID 387 has been announced as JUMBLEJINX power. Send a Jumble jinx hug to your friends.


How it works?

Send a jumblejinx hug to a user or friend and they will start talking gibberish.

Here’s an example of jumblejinx hug animation:

Instructions for use:


  • /jinx 10mix50 you are so jinxed!
  • /jinxall 30jumble100 jinx that! Costs 10 xats.


  • Jumble – Random effects from below
  • Mix – Letters mixed up
  • Reverse – Letters reversed
  • Ends – Swaps first and last
  • Middle – Mixes the middle but leaves first and last alone

Default and maximum time is 30 mins
Default probability is 25%

You can out a jumblejinx smiley at end of a message to “self jinx“.


Oh no I’m jinxed (jumblejinx#wreverse).

Note: You can use Gcontrol to set the minimum rank for this feature and whether same rank users can jinx each other.

Here’s the current smileys from our Xatworld homepage:

(jumblejinx) (jinxback)

In addition to the smileys, this power also brings us some Xat pawns. They are:

Pawn Name Power required Code
Jumble1 Jumblejinx (hat#hj)
Jumble2 Jumblejinx (hat#hu)
Jumble3 Jumblejinx (hat#hm)

Power Info:: JUMBLEJINX power is UNLIMITED, You can buy it for 300 xats (In Stores).

Comment below and tell us:

What do you think of the JUMBLEJINX power?

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