Xat Mute Power Released – Finally!

Xat has finally rolled out their much anticipated silent ban power (a.k.a. “Mute”) at a cost of 40 days.

Followers of our blog will recall that we mentioned, is some detail, the particulars of this new power.

According to Xat, the power is…

“…FOR OWNERS ONLY! Allows you to silent ban a user. This will ban a user without them knowing. To mute a user click on their name and press ban, select the duration and press the mute button. NOTE: the max time to mute a user is 1 hour…”

Personally we would have liked to see the power extended to owners AND moderators, and perhaps the max time increased just a bit more. Even so, we think it’ll be a great power!

If you have your own ideas/opinions about this new power, feel free to leave a comment below.

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