Xat’s new NAMEFLAG power – Epic Power!

Hey guys! 😀

This just in, the new Xat power ID 397 has been announced as NAMEFLAG power. Animated flag effects on your name. 😀


UPDATE New FLAGs added: nc ma kn mo ko er mh mr nr gw km nf nu to pw tm tk vu tl sw st sl eg cx cg cf cd cc aq

How it works?

Add (glow#000001#flag#xx) to your name. Replace xx with the two letter country code for your country. (Code country list)
This will turn your namecolor into the selected flag and make it rotate.

Instructions for use:

To change the directionality of flag, add one of the following to your code:

  • #r | Rotate
  • #e | Rotate with expansion
  • #d | Counter clockwise
  • #cx | Growthcycle rate (replace x with 1, 3, or 4)
  • #gx | Growth rate (replace x with 1, 3, or 4)
  • #fx | Speed (replace x with 1, 3, or 4)
  • #u | Up to down (can’t be combined with any code other than the one for speed)

Note: All of these can be combined unless specified.

Especial Cases:

These flags do not have a two-letter code, so you can use the full name of each code:

  • aland
  • basque
  • catalonia
  • dpr
  • guernsey
  • isleofman
  • jersey
  • nfl
  • redcross
  • scotland
  • wales

Here’s a code examples:


  • (glow#0#flag#us#d#r#f3) United States of America flag with rotate, counter clockwise and speed of 3 and no glow.

Note: Required powers for use Nameflag: Nameglow, Namecolor.

In addition to the smileys, this power also brings us some Xat pawns. They are:

Pawn Name Power required Code
Nameflag Nameflag (hat#hf)
Nameflag2 Nameflag (hat#hF)
Nameflag3 Nameflag (hat#hs)

Power Info:: NAMEFLAG power is UNLIMITED, Store price 12000 Xats.

Comment below and tell us:

What do you think of the NAMEFLAG power?

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