Xat: NEWYEAR Details

The newest power is: NEWYEAR smiley power.

If you have NEWYEAR and HAT powers you can use some new pawns.

2012 Pawn (hat#h2)

Lights Pawn (hat#hi)


Champaign Pawn (hat#hh)


Fireworks Pawn (hat#hwf)

Status = Released

Group/User = User

Limited/Unlimited = Limited

Price = 200xats



My name is Sam. I am also known as SJBB and THEBB. I am a long time xat user and a editor for xatworld blog. Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/samuelbb94 I am addicted to Xat and often know all the latest information. I am now an editor for the Xatworld blog. I also DJ on a radio station on Xat. If you would like to visit my personal blog then please visit: http://xatblogs.com/members/sjbb/ My goals while on Xat: I hope one day to become a volunteer on Xat support.

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