Xat Purple On Sale Now: 25,000 Xats!

xat purple power

A few days ago we posted about the mystery power, “Purple”; Xats’ first “epic” power. That power is now on sale.

Purple allows you to do just one thing: it allows you to change the color of your pawn to purple irrespective of your rank within the chat.

Cost: a staggering 25,000 xats!

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  1. joey says:

    25,000 xats…right….erm xat staff? im getting a little bored with the purple pawn being so expensive, its only a power that makes ur icon go to the top and making your pawn purple, if it only does that and it HAS to be an epic/rare power, could you kick the cost down to like say 1000 xats? it would be a lot easier. Thanx, yours truly,Joey

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