Xat Radio Power – Coming Soon!

Xat has pre-released and given us a few samples of a new power called “radio”. Radio, from what little Xat has told us, does two things. First, it allows you to share a favorite radio station with fellow Xat users by simply appending a code to your name. This could be used to propagate many of the Xat radio stations, both old and new, found within Xat.

The second feature of the new Xat radio power allows you to have your choice radio station follow you around from chat to chat. From what we understand, and assuming we’re correct in our interpretation, this would allow a user to listen to his/her own radio station irrespective of whether a chat had music playing or not. We’ll have to get back to you on this as we’re unable to test this out at the moment.

Code format:

To take your station with you’d put something like this in your name:

Anyone, including you, would simply click the radio icon and the music would start playing.

This power is very beta, and at the moment we’re struggling to get it working. When we have more to show, or need to clear up any of the above, we’ll update this post.

Stay tuned!

Update August 28, 9:16 AM: This morning we woke up to a “working” radio power, woohoo! We can now clear up a few things.

If you add the radio code to your name field (see below), by simply clicking that icon anyone, including yourself, can listen to your radio station. Using this technique you could enter any chat, click your own radio icon, bypass whatever station is/isn’t playing, and listen to your favorite radio station whenever you feel like it.

xat radio power

Adding Xat radio code to the name field xat radio power

To listen to your radio you or anyone would simply click the radio icon next to your name.

A few extra things to try out (see below):
(radio#y) = allows you to “cycle” the radio power (you need the cycle power for this)
(d#radio#g#r) = allows you to add the radio “notes” to a smile

xat radio power

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