Xat SPACEBAN power (spaceban)

Xat’s soon to be released, next power, is SPACEBAN (spaceban). What we know so far about spaceban is that IT IS similar in function to snakeban. The actual gameplay will of course be changed. Per the Xat wiki:

“…The Spaceban power allows you to ban visitors in your chat and have them play a “space” game to get unbanned…”

We can only speculate as to what form the game will take. Perhaps a Xat version of Asteroids, Space Invaders, or Missle Command would be fitting given how far back they reached into the game vault for snakeban 🙂 (note: that’s just a guess…).

Anyway, here are some of the associated spaceban hats that we’ve seen in use on Xat’s test chat:

For the rotating meteor pawn or hat, use (hat#hm)

For the rocket pawn or hat, use (hat#hr)

For the flashing space pawn or hat, use (hat#hs)

Note: All pawns/hats listed above require spaceban AND hat powers.

The official spaceban smiley animation can be seen on our xat smiley generator in addition to a spaceban smiley called moonb.

Keep in mind that Xat intends to release 1000 units this week followed by a 24 hour sale the following week. Ultimately the spaceban power will be set to limited status. We will follow-up with more detailed info on our twitter as we get it.

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