Xat Stick and Countdown Power – Coming!

Today Xat announced that it would soon have details on two new powers that are actively being developed; they are Stick and Countdown.

We were turned on to the new Stick power about a week ago but were understandably gagged asked not to blog about it; surprises are always good!

xat stick power

Since the cat is, so to speak, “out of the bag”, we will confirm and reiterate what many have already found out. Stick allows a user to create single (this is important), stick figure animations. Contrary to what we were hoping for, Stick does not allow you to create your own multi-character animations. Still, with a little ingenuity, we don’t see why you couldn’t include two or more such animations and push the creative boundaries of this new power.

Stick will be accessible via the vertical tabs located at the left of any chatbox. Just look for and click on the Games tab, then on the Stick figure.

xat stick power

Once open, the Stick interface will allow you to create frame by frame animations of your stick figure.

xat stick power

From our conversation with Xat staff, we understand that they were shooting for something that could be unique to each user. We think that they’ve done it!

Xat’s second power, Countdown, which at the moment we know nothing about, may be an answer to Xat’s own power countdown clock. That’s our educated guess!

** 500 CLEAR POWERS ** in 8 hours (22:00 UTC) Count down: http://xat.com/h?348982

We’ll have to wait and see 🙂

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