Talk to the Hand – New Xat Power!

xat talk to the hand

“Ttth” (talk to the hand), Xat’s newest power, gives you some added ability when ignoring a bothersome user.

Traditionally, to ignore another user, you simply clicked on their nick, clicked on “Ignore”, and their pawn turned gray. The user, apart from the sudden lack of participation on your part, had no way of knowing that they had just been ignored. Xat’s ttth power, in just one step, allows you both ignore and send with it, a personalized message in the form of a smilie.

ttth xat


– ignoree must initiate the private chat with you
– the date on you computer must be current


Ttth smile with a simple message:

Smile of your choice with a simple message:



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2 Responses

  1. mouhammad says:

    i need powers + xats + days pleas

  2. Adam says:

    What do you mean clocks need to be current?

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