Gkaoani? Group Power?

It seems that sometime yesterday a new power called Gkaoani started making ’rounds across Xat.com. We’re not entirely sure what it does but from what little we’ve gathered is appears to be another smiley power and can confirm that it has been spotted in Xat staffs powers inventory (see below). Google turned up very little for the word “Gkaoani”, but “K-A-O-A-N-I”, a derivation of the word Gkaoani, turned up some interesting facts.

According to Wiki:

“Kaoanis are little animated smilies that usually bounce up and down to look like they are floating. Kaoani can take the form of animals, foodstuffs such as rice balls, colorful blobs, cartoon characters, etc”

So why Gkaoani and not just Kaoani? We think the “G” is the biggest clue here. Although we’re not 100% sure, we figured that it could be a Group power. Either that or maybe a sneaky ploy to avoid “Kaoani” licensing fees (we’re kidding!). We’ll have to wait and see!

Gkaoani xat power

This is the official Gkaoani power smiley:

gkaoani power

Here are SOME of the Gkaoani related smileys (which now that we look at them are really just regular yellow Xat smileys preceded by a “k”) and their respective Xat codes and animations. Try and find others!

Feel free to share these with other people:

Part I

Part II

Part III

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3 Responses

  1. wie kann ich Gkaoani in meine chat box testen xat.com/uskanagenthos

  2. Radio says:

    Lol so many “k” to every thing i wonder what can they do? the smiley looks cool too

  3. Spellchecker says:

    Update: Gkaoani can be tested here: http://xat.com/Illusion

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