Xat’s 56 Mystery Power – Details!

We’ve been digging for information and, after muddling through and testing out each rumor, we’ve found one solid YES!

Power 56, whether it be a glitch or as some are claiming, a future Christmas power, can only be had in one of two ways (that we know of):

– You can trade for it (be careful with this)
– You can cash in a $10 UGC (Ultimate game card)

We’ve tried this out ourselves and it worked. Just go purchase any $10 UGC, log into the XATS page, enter the pin code, and when you see the confirmation message just refresh your browser and you should get it.

From what we’ve gathered this is all very recent so no UGC purchases, prior to maybe one to two days ago, would have qualified.

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  1. November 27, 2009

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