Xat’s EGGS Power

An announcement by Xat on their Twitter feed has confirmed that the next power will be the EGGS power.

xat twitter eggs


Per Xat, EGGS is limited and one power will be released every day; assuming here that they mean until Easter (March 31, 2013), that means we can expect roughly 9 smileys. We will update our Xat power search with the newest EGGS smileys as they are announced. Update: (eggs)(chickwalk)(eggnod)(eggbroke)(stripegg)(eggsleep)(bunnyears)(eggtounge)(basket2). Here is the EGGS power smiley:

xat eggs power

With EGGS comes two three new Easter pawns (both requiring HAT and EGGS powers), they are: Egg2 (hat#he), Egg (hat#hg) and Eggbroke (hat#hb); see images below.

xat egg2 pawn

 Egg2 (hat#he)

xat egg pawn

 Egg (hat#hg)

Comment below and tell us:

Of the two, which EGGS pawn do you like the best?

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