Xat’s new NAMECOLOR power

xat namecolor power

For the past day or two we’ve been asked to respect a Xat media blackout of sorts. Today however, seeing as how some things have become more apparent and are readily visible on the testers power list, we can talk about just a few details of Xat’s “potentially new” power.

– the power is currently called Namecolor
– like nameglow, namecolor is used to change the color of your nick
– this power, unlike nameglow which only allows you to change your nicks outer glow, allows you to change your nicks inner glow (the black letter color) to any color you want
– it appears that it will require nameglow to work

Use our color code generator to play with different color combinations.

As far as we know, so far, that’s what it does. We’re still investigating to see if it allows you to change individual letter colors.

More to come!

Update: confirmed – this power only changes the color of the whole nick and not individual letters.

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