Xat’s New KFOX Power

xat kfox power

Xat’s latest release, which comes in less than 4 hours, took me a bit by surprise. Many of us, I think, were expecting a Hearts release. Instead we are getting a KFOX release; presumably another “Kaoani” style group smiley power . Per Xat, the KFOX release will take place in 2 batches of 2500.

xat kfox power


The 12 the KFOX smileys are (kfox)(kfoxbino)(kfoxcry)(kfoxd)(kfoxggl)(kfoxinl)(kfoxpsy)(kfoxshades)(kfoxsleep)(kfoxtant)(kfoxtwag) and (kfoxwhat). They can be previewed on our xat smiley generator and or our xat power search.

kfox smileys

In addition to the smileys, KFOX also brings us two Xat pawns. They are fox (hat#hf) and fox2 (hat#hw), seen here:

xat fox pawn

 fox (hat#hf) pawn 

xat fox2 pawn

fox2 (hat#hw) pawn

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and tell us:

Do you like Xat’s Kaoani type powers?

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