Xat’s New SPRING power

xat spring power smiley

What do you think of when I mention the word Spring? Spring in is the air and with it comes Xat’s latest power, SPRING a.k.a. power 219.

Still unreleased at the moment, Xat’s LIMITED, SPRING power includes 14 smilies that visibly capture the arrival of a new season. Included are (spring) (bees) (birdy) (butterflys) (flohat) (flohide) (flowers) (floshow) (flowerbed) (inflower) (rainbow2) (springhat) (watercan) and (watercan2) and will be released for 250 xats – see below.

Xat’s SPRING power also brings with it a Spring Kiss and 4 limited pawns. They are: Bee: (hat#hb) Butterfly (hat#hu) Flower (hat#hf) and Rainbow2 (hat#hr)xat spring power pawns

xat spring power list


Comment below and tell us:

What’s your favorite SPRING smiley?

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