Xat’s New VOTE power

Hey everyone! As a follow-up to our last post about Xat “possibly maybe” working on a poll power, well, it turns out that they were and have almost completed it! They did however make one last minute change and decided to name the power VOTE instead of “poll”.

The VOTE power gives you (chat main owner) the ability to create your own group chat polls. You currently have some reasonable control over said poll. You can for example, create your poll question with up to 8 answers, change the background image (a 425 x 320 jpg seems to work the best here), select who can vote (think of this as “rank and above”), and  customize a few other text fields. Note that at the time of this post Xat is still working on bugs and possibly a few improvements so some things may change.

Here’s is the current admin for Xat’s VOTE power:

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 11.57.33 AM


Also, this is a group power so you will first have to assign it to your chat then activate it in your chat administration panel. From there you will be able to access the VOTE dialog shown above.

This is the VOTE power smiley as well as the associated pawns:



Xat VOTE pawn: (hat#hv) – I think that’s a voting booth 🙂

Xat vote pawns


Comment below and tell us:

Do you think this will be a useful power?

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